How can we help you?

How can we help you?

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What is your location and were is your warehouse?

Our Showroom, warehouse and office is in the northern part of the Netherlands in Heerenveen, the full address is Siebengaweg 2, 8444DE Heerenveen. Heerenveen is situated approximately 120 km's north-east of Amsterdam, a 1 hour car drive or a 1,5 hours direct train will take you to the trainstation of Heerenveen were we can pick you up.

What are your terms of delivery?

Validity of an offer;
All offers are if not clearly stated otherwise valid for a period of 3 weeks 

Potential clients can acquire an option for a maximum of 3 months against payment of 5% of the quoted price. The option will start after the 5% is in our Dutch bankaccount by irrievocable wire transfer. This amount is not settled against the purchase price, but is an extra cost to cover temporary storage charges.

25% Downpayment
To "secure" that the choosen beds are yours and that we can start working on them (so called prepare an order) we ask you to make a 25% downpayment of the negotiated purchase price / full invoice price of your order. 
We will inform you when we expect the order to be ready so that transport can be arranged either by yourself or by us.
Before loading the balance (full invoice price minus downpayment) must be paid into our Dutch bank account by irrevocable wire transfer or cash at our office. 

All prices are EXW  EX Warehouse and ex VAT, within the EU we can deliver on VAT 0% when the buyer has a valid VAT number, ex Europe all deliveries are on 0% VAT but only if a valid EX1 (Dutch export document is handed over

Delivery and transport either by road, container or air can be provided ex-works EXW, FOB or CIF / CNF
We can also arrange transport for you, with our own trucks on the European-Asian mainland or overseas by 20 ft, 40 ft or 40 ft high cube container.
The buyer / recipient is always responsible for custom clearance in the country of destination.
Delivery only proceeds following receipt of all agreed payments on our bank account by irrevocable wire transfer or cash in our office.
The delivery times / transit times are variable, depending on the given destination. 

Loading Fee
Our staff is very experienced in loading trucks and containers, we can advise on the amount of beds and the way that they can be loaded but we can also arrange loading for you against attractive rates. For loading a 20 ft container we charge a loading and packing fee of € 250,00. For loading a 40 ft container or a 13,60 mtr artic trailer we charge a loading and packing fee of € 350,00. For a 40 ft high-cube container we charge a loading and packing fee of € 450,00

Where did you ship to so far?

So far we shipped to a number of countries all over our globe like Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova, Russia, Ukraine, Serbia, Kosovo, Albania, Armenia, Georgia, Morocco, Syria, Egypt, Tunisia, Israel, Turkey, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Togo, Niger, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Gambia, Malawi, Tanzania, South Africa, Pakistan, India, Chile, Uruquay, Paraquay, Colombia, Venezuela, Suriname, Caribbean and we are sure many more will follow. 

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