General Terms and Conditions

Validity of an offer;
All our offers are valid for a period of 4 weeks.

To secure your order;
To secure your order a down payment of 25% of the quoted price must be made by a irrivocable wire transfer into our Dutch bank account or paid cash in office. After we have received your down payment the beds are reserved for you and we will start preparing the order.

Canseling an order when all is ready;
Sometimes it happens for whatever reason that you paid the deposit, your order is secured and confirmed. We prepared all and all is ready to be transported, we are only waiting for the balance, that you have to pull back and cancel the delivery.
In this special case please concider that you loose your deposit.
We keep it as a compensation for the work done, for the temporarely storage and for the fact that we could not sell these specific items to other potential customers because the goods were reserved for yourself.

To acquire an option;
Potential buyers can acquire an option for a maximum of 2 months against payment of 5% of the quoted price. The option will start after the 5% is transferred into our Dutch bank account by irrivocable wire transfer or paid cash in our office but no later then 4 weeks after our offer is made. This amount is not settled against the purchase price, but is an extra cost to cover temporarily storage charges.

Freedom of trading;
As long as no down payment is made or no option is acquired we are free to sell the goods offered to anybody else who is interested. However, we will inform you when somebody else is seriously interested in “your” batch of beds or other goods offered to you.

When is your order ready?;
We will inform you when your order is ready or your order will be ready on a in advance agreed date. Also If a date is agreed in advance we will inform you that we are on schedule.

Payments must always be made in advance;
The full payment must be made before you pick up your beds or before we load (your/a) container, this can either be by irrivocable wire transfer into our Dutch bank account but can also be paid cash in our office.

Delivery and transport either by road, sea container or air can be provided ex-works EXW, FOB or CIF / CNF The buyer however is always responsible for custom clearance in the country of destination and for the local charges and fee’s. We can provide export documents EX1 or additional documents needed, we can also provide a set of humanitarian documents.

Although we will do our upmost best to load and stow your goods in the best possible way based upon our extensive loading and stowing experiences we can never be held responsible for any damage accured for instance due to high seas or other calamities. We can however offer you an additional insurance. If you want this you can place a request with your order.

Delivery times;
The delivery time or transit time depends on the carrier, transit times can be affected by delays in ports or when containers are transshipped from liners to feeders.
Important: We can never be held responsible for any delay caused by carriers.


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